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The industry experts at HLCC® want you to know that aging & thinning hair issues are common – and can be helped!

We know dealing with hair issues can be difficult. Whether you have a family history of thinning hair or your aging hair concerns are unexpected, and can cause you to feel embarrassed, insecure or less attractive than you did before.

HLCC® has devoted decades to helping our clients; so we understand your concerns.

It is our mission to help you regain your confidence!

HLCC® locations offer the highest quality Hair Soltuions, using low level light Devices* , FDA cleared lasers combs, caps and more.

HLCC has several patented Hair Solutions & Hair Care products, with proven and FDA cleared low level light* laser technology. The employees of HLCC® and every HLCC® affiliate distributor and/or centers around the world are confident in their ability to help men and women of all ethnicities with their aging hair care concerns

HLCC®’s Multi-Step Approach

HLCC’s multi-step approach is designed to be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s daily routine. We have worked to improve the success and simplicity of each step and we offer superior solutions; combining product programs with the latest technology for maximum effectiveness.

Each program is designed with the goals of helping your hair and promoting your best possible hair. Individually, the advanced technology is simple and successful, but combined, they represent the the most effective solutions available today. Our programs are designed to synergistically combine scalp hygiene, vitamins for hair nutrition, cleared lasers and natural and topical stimulators, with DHT-opposing products to yield the best possible results.

In Addition, HLCC offers a variety of FDA cleared devices, for effective; yet convenient home use.

HLCC’s multi-step solutions offer low-level light technology and  HLCC®’s patented hair care products for maximum effectiveness.

Magnified photos (50x – 200x) are taken monthly to show progression and comparison back at various stages, while ensuring hair and scalp health is maintained, which is critical to reaching your optimal goals.

We strive to get you  back to a better looking you!

If you are struggling with thinning hair, you are not alone.

HLCC® is the global leader in the professional development, and specializing in high-end Anti-Aging hair care products. We have been successfully helping men and women with aging hair care concerns since 1987. With superior proven Anti-Aging & Hair Care products, solutions and low level light* hair care services. Do not miss out on your opportunity to the most innovative, therapeutic Anti Aging solutions in Men and Women’s Hair Care;  Unlock the Key to Ageless Hair Care today!.

*Our Low Level Light Devices (LLLD) are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or illness, in any way. See more details in our policies and disclaimers.

In a published journal, it was proven that after 26 weeks of LLLT, 97% of users saw increased growth.

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