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 “As leaders in the industry, William Blatter and the Hair Loss Control Clinic have also been featured on numerous local and national TV shows.”


“I have never met a company that has such business integrity as Hair Loss Control Clinic. I believe I’m very lucky to be partnered with them.”

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““By the time balding is visible to the naked eye, 50% of the hair in the affected area is already gone”, William Blatter, president of Hair Loss Control Clinic in Latham, New York, relates.”


London, UK – The Hair Loss Control Clinic UK, Ltd. is honored to have won the MyFaceMyBody Award for ‘Most Innovative Aesthetic Service.’The MyFaceMyBody Awards are an annual event that includes such categories as esthetic services, cosmetic surgery and dentistry for consumers. The popular UK television series and website highlights many diverse esthetic services and now […]

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Laser & Light Technology   International Hair Loss Clinic By Dr. Santiago Alvarez, William C. Blatter, B.S., M.M., Dr. Michael Fuhrman Fifty percent of all women will have thinning hair by middle age, and more and more are turning to medical treatments like low level laser treatment for Fifty percent of all women will have thinning […]