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185 Low Level Light Diodes (LLLD) / 650nM / 4.9-5 mw / 5 Panel Ceramic Array (head) / Digital Touch Screen Display/Tracks hours of usage/ Full Year Warranty

  • The Ultimate Spa Elite is our best laser, it’s designed with 185 low-level light diodes (LLLD) in a 5-panel, ceramic array for maximum scalp coverage.
  • This laser is sold to many of our Medical Doctors, High-end Hair Loss/Trichology Clinics, and many of our customers outside the US.
  • Each session is easy to program with the digital touch screen display, which tracks usage hours.
  • The base is built with aluminum to ensure long-term durability
  • A perfect fit within any Medical Office, Hair Loss Clinic, Trichology Clinic, Salon, Studio, or Spa!
  • The Ultimate 185 DTS Spa Elite is sold by itself or with our Affiliate package giving you everything you need to run a top-quality Hair Loss Clinic. See 120 Hood for Affiliate Details

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