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A powerful new cosmetic treatment option.

HLCC® Growth Factors are a powerful new cosmetic treatment option, which is an alternative to drugs and hair transplants. HLCC® Growth Factors for hair are powerful, cosmetic “non-drug” alternatives for treatment of thinning and aging hair. After as few as 4 treatments over 4 weeks, patients notice thicker, darker looking hair. Additionally, users notice the appearance of grey hair appearing to return to its original color, as the Growth Factors stimulate the hair follicles. HLCC® Factor G6™ is an incredibly effective solution for hair rejuvenation due to its powerful combination of 6 types of Growth Factor Proteins. These proteins are critical in supporting the look of healthy hair.

Hair Growth Factors For Consumers

HLCC® Factor G6™ contains the highest quality and highest concentration growth factor complex found anywhere in the world. The HLCC® Growth Factors Protein Complex also includes: 21 types of amino acids, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Copper and Antioxidants which are known to counter damaging free radicals in the scalp and help with the appearance of healthy looking hair.

Hair Growth Factors For Professionals

Are you a professional looking to bring this revolutionary new product, HLCC® Factor G6™, into your business in order to help your clients take their hair to the next level? This section is for you. By clicking the button below you will learn more about how this product can give your clients the best looking hair they have every had! This is a top rated product that is professional grade and works very well!

Results in only 5 weeks!

26 year old Female Alopecia Areata attack

“In just 5 weeks my daughter grew hair that would normally take 5 months to grow, after a serve attack like this.”

– Triple Certified Trichologist Patti Wood


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