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October 10,2014 | Causes of Hair Loss

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and Hair Loss Treatment

Dihydrotestotersone, or DHT, causes nearly 95 percent of all hair loss in men and 70 percent with women. DHT makes hair follicles smaller by shortening the length of the anagen (growth) phase and lengthening the telogen (resting) phase. When this occurs, hair follicles begin to slowly shrink and die, resulting in more short, thin, fine hairs that are barely visible above the scalp. DHT is the primary cause of male pattern baldness, and it can cause female pattern baldness, as well. 

The good news is, even with thinning, fine hairs, there is still life in the follicle and it can be repaired with a proven HLCC® regimen of proper hair nutrition, DHT blocking and good scalp hygiene. DHT blockers inhibit androgen receptors so that DHT does not bind to hair follicles. 

DHT inhibitors are safe for use by anyone looking to re-grow their hair. As always, consult your doctor before beginning a new supplement. Certain DHT-inhibiting products on the market today do have known side effects, including diminished libido and sexual disfunction. Your doctor can help recommend the solution best for your needs.

HLCC's DHT Options

HLCC has blended together all of the best DHT fighting (inhibiting) ingredients AND the best essential vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals for complete hair health. We use 500mg of saw palmetto berry extract - the highest level of sterols available in any tablet. Most other products provide only 200mg and are sold with just 20 percent of the sterols HLCC uses. Saw palmetto berry extract has been proven to inhibit DHT. Explore our variety of hair loss products to learn more. 



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