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Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

Create the look of stronger, thicker, fuller looking hair while fighting thinning hair. Rejuvenate and stimulate your hair to be its best with our shampoos and other hair and scalp products. HLCC® strives to provide superior solutions for the health of your hair and scalp. With the essential tools and beauty regimen in place, and customized to your individual needs, our shampoos will significantly aid in your efforts to slow the aging of your hair and promote hair and scalp health.

HLCC® Scripts DHT Shampoo

HLCC® Scripts Gentle Shampoo

HLCC® Scripts Scalp Therapy

HLCC® Scripts Vitamin + Conditioner

HLCC® Scripts Neu Phase Gel

HLCC® Scripts Silk Nectar

HLCC® Scripts T-Strong Conditioner

HLCC® Scripts Mousse

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