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Become an HLCC® Affiliate Distributor or Center

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the world experiencing aging hair concerns and seeking solutions.  By partnering with HLCC® as an affiliate distributor and/or center, you can offer your clients superior product programs, services, and solutions that will provide them with a comprehensive Anti-Aging Hair Care program.

Our affiliate program provides a turnkey opportunity for business professionals to add HLCC® Scripts hair care product programs and  LLL Hair Care Services to their businesses.  At HLCC®, we provide superior solutions to support your business’ success!  “Your success is our success.” It is our goal to ensure that your clients have the opportunity to experience our superior solutions, allowing us to sustain a long-term business partnership with each of our affiliated Anti-Aging Hair Care Distributors and/or Centers.

Coupled with our proven platform, your business will have full access to HLCC®’s 28 years of perfected expertise, the ultimate product programs and  service training in the Industry.  Ultimately, allowing your business the opportunity to provide your clients and customers with proven Anti-Aging Hair Care solutions!  With the ability to offer better programs and services to your customers, you can accept more appointments, and your business thrives.

Happy customers are repeat customers, and word-of-mouth is the best way to get new customers. With HLCC® Scripts Anti-Aging Hair Care solutions, you will have the Customer Support as one of our affiliated Distributors, giving you the tools to supply the most innovative products, services, solutions and materials within the multi-billion dollar Professional & Beauty- Hair Care Industry.

Benefits of Being an HLCC Affiliate Distributor

  • Learn how to provide superior solutions to address your Client’s Aging Hair Concerns, in both men and women of all ages and ethnicities
  • Receive extensive training by HLCC®’s knowledgeable Industry experts and professionals, ensuring you understand how to provide comprehensive consultations to your clients and customers, allowing you to customize an individual Anti-Aging Hair Care program, with optimal solutions.
  • Build your client’s trust with HLCC®’s  industry expertise and reputation in the hair care industry
  • Profit residually from  HLCC®’s thinning hair products and superior solutions
  • Have access to marketing support for television, radio, print and Internet
  • Benefit from a proven turnkey opportunity
  • Be trained in-person, by video, on the web and in classroom settings worldwide
  • Exclusive Territory and specific rights to entire geographic regions(with established goals…. variable monthly, quarterly or annual commitments available)

You don’t have to be a hair care expert to become an affiliate distributor or center. When you work with HLCC®, our team of hair care professionals will teach your team everything they will need to know to ensure your stylists, management team and/or staff members are properly trained and prepared to provide the superior Anti- Aging Hair Care solutions,  to your clients.

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