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London, UK – The Hair Loss Control Clinic UK, Ltd. is honored to have won the MyFaceMyBody Award for ‘Most Innovative Aesthetic Service.’The MyFaceMyBody Awards are an annual event that includes such categories as esthetic services, cosmetic surgery and dentistry for consumers. The popular UK television series and website highlights many diverse esthetic services and now hosts the annual awards program. On November 3, 2012 the Landmark Hotel in London sponsored the gala with a Masquerade Ball featuring a celebratory reception with the entire program being televised on SkyTV.

Hair Loss Control Clinic says, “Laser hair loss treatments are still fairly new in the UK, yet HLCC has already established worldwide credibility with 25 years of experience and great results. This was a fantastic opportunity and we are very excited to be honored with this award, so we would like to cordially thank MyFaceMyBody. As a response to holding such an honorary title and position, we are hoping the public will diligently seek the reason why they have chosen us as a winner. The Hair Loss Control Clinic’s hair restoration technology is not only innovative, but cutting edge, and it is at the forefront right now, here in the UK. People are no longer shy about taking action against their hair loss and thinning hair. They want answers, results and solutions.”

HLCC held on to the entry form for weeks before submitting it. “Massive companies like Oral B and Phillips were entering and we didn’t know whether we would fit in. Their normal program did not offer much coverage for hair loss, while mainly focusing on services like Botox and dentistry. We decided to give it our best shot, as we realized the international recognition we would receive from this is immense.” Not only did the entry lead to winning the “Most Innovative New Aesthetic Service” category, MyFaceMyBody also invited HLCC to become their hair loss expert; advising all of their viewers and readers as well as themselves on hair loss solutions.

Some of the other MyFaceMyBody Award winners included: Vaser Body Balancing by The Private Clinic for the Best Body Reshaping Procedure; the Genuine Dermaroller™ for the Best Skin Tightening Treatment; ActiDerm Aesthetimeds for the Best Cosmeceutical Product; Sonicare AirFloss by Phillips Oral Healthcare for the Best Dental Hygiene Product and CoolSculpting® for the Best Non-Surgical Makeover. Temple Aesthetics won the Best Customer Experience, Woodford Medical won the Best Aesthetic Clinic and the Best Documentary TV Series went to “Embarrassing Bodies — Maverick TV.”

MyFaceMyBody is Europe’s leading consumer resource website for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. The coverage of professional face and body cosmetic treatments is comprehensive, with topics including Botox, laser hair removal, breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, dental implants, tummy tucks, teeth whitening, facelifts, neck-lifts, liposuction and dermal fillers. The MyFaceMyBody chat show on SkyTV has been one of the most exciting recent developments, breaking down the barriers of medical jargon and bringing cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics right into the nation’s living rooms. Hundreds of cosmetic advice videos are now also available on the MyFaceMyBody Web TV Channel.

The Global Leader In Laser Hair Loss Treatment. Hair Loss Control Clinic remains a globally respected industry leader, providing the most effective laser hair loss treatment systems and programs available for building a successful hair loss business. For more information on HLCC, laser hair loss treatment or the HLCC™ Scripts professional product line, call 518-220-1500. For more information on the MyFaceMyBody Awards, visit www.MyFaceMyBody.com.

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