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Growth Factors For Hair

HLCC® Growth Factors are a powerful new cosmetic treatment option, which is an alternative to drugs and hair transplants. HLCC® Growth Factors for hair are powerful, cosmetic “non-drug” alternatives for treatment of thinning and aging hair. After as few as 4 treatments over 4 weeks, patients notice thicker, darker looking hair. Additionally, users notice the appearance of grey hair appearing to return to its original color, as the Growth Factors stimulate the hair follicles.

HLCC® Factor G6™ is an incredibly effective solution for hair rejuvenation due to its powerful combination of 6 types of Growth Factor Proteins. These proteins are critical in supporting the look of healthy hair.






Results after 5 weeks of using Growth Factors for Hair

26 year old Female Alopecia Areata attack

“In just 5 weeks my daughter grew hair that would normally take 5 months to grow, after a serve attack like this.”

- Triple Certified Trichologist Patti Wood

HLCC® Factor G6™ contains the highest quality and highest concentration growth factor complex found anywhere in the world. The HLCC® Growth Factors Protein Complex also includes: 21 types of amino acids, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Copper and Antioxidants which are known to counter damaging free radicals in the scalp and help with the appearance of healthy looking hair.

Are you a professional looking to bring this revolutionary new product, HLCC® Factor G6™, into your business in order to help your clients take their hair to the next level? This section is for you.