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Sell Hair Loss Control Clinic Products to Your Clients?

HLCC Scripts products have been developed with the guidance of our own industry experts, whose decades of experience with thinning hair have allowed us to create the best products for our clients needs. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring HLCCs multi-therapeutic approach is effective; providing industry professionals (physicians), trichologists and hair centers & clinics around the world with optimal success! You now have the opportunity to offer unmatched opportunities and options, in selling our product programs, services & solutions, too.

Whether you wish to sell our products online or to clients who walk into your business, our product reselling program provides an easy and profitable method of introducing multiple hair service options to your customers.

Our wholesale packages come significantly discounted from their retail rates, allowing your business to thrive – and well work with you to increase those profits and residual income. Contact us to learn more about our volume pricing!

We don’t just ship you products and then leave it to you to figure out the complex marketing strategies on your own; At HLCC, we train our resellers to make sure each one understands the benefits of our various product options. We make sure you know what products are best for each of your clients, so that you have the opportunity to customize a program, specifically for each of your individual clients specific needs, and ensures that they remain happy with you and the HLCC brand.

Want Our Products to Match Your Brand? HLCC Private Labeling is the Answer!

Our HLCC Scripts products can be private-labeled (rebranded) to match your company! Boost your brands identity and build a greater reputation among your customers by selling our effective products with a track record of success.

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