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At HLCC®, we’re proud to have trichologists, and certified consultants specializing in hair solutions from thinning hair laser and low-level laser systems to shampoo and vitamins. Hair Loss Control Clinic professionals are available online, in-person and by phone for you and our Clients throughout the world.

At HLCC®, we strongly recommend that all individuals seeking thinning hair solutions take advantage of having a free hair consultation prior to purchasing any products.

Everyone’s hair condition is different. You might have thinning hair, or broken hair, or no hair at all. Your hair may be naturally thinner or coarser than the hair of another person. Your hair concerns may be caused by Alopecia Areata, genetics or another health condition you have experienced*. If you’d like to fill out our comprehensive Online Consultation Form, click here.

There are a number of things that distinguish you  – and that’s why it’s important we take the time to identify what solution is going to work best for you.

What To Expect During Your Consultation

We don’t just want to hear about your hair concerns. We need to know about your overall health, as well as your hair condition, before we can prescribe any recommended treatment. We’ll ask about your:

  • lifestyle
  • hair care routine
  • scalp
  • diet
  • genetics and ethnicity

The more you can tell us about your health and your hair, the better we can tailor a custom hair solution plan for you. We might recommend one of our hair solution programs, or a mix of individual products to help your hair growth. 

We’ll look at your hair, your goals and your budget to help you achieve the best hair solution.

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