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There are many companies that promise to deliver results in combating thinning hair.. At HLCC®, we stand by our products and our techniques. Our approach to anti-aging hair care and healthy hair solutions is uniquely customized for everyone that walks through our doors. 

Why Should You Trust HLCC®?

  • Emphasis on consultation: We know that thinng hair can occur in a variety of ways, so we don’t want you to buy a single product without scheduling a consultation first. Phone and online consultations are also available for individuals unable to visit our locations.
  • Personalized programs:Every client of HLCC® is helped individually by thinning hair experts and have programs designed to fit his or her individual needs. As your anti-aging and hair care progresses, we adjust your program accordingly based on the results we see and your feedback for the most effective results.
  • Laser experience: We have been using Low Level Light Hair Care devices as part of our product and program services. Low Level Light Hair Care Devices: Our professional hair care devices are offered in a variety of numerical combinations of diodes optimizing better service solutions and success. At home OTC Low Level Light Hair Care- laser combs and laser caps, laser helmets, and at home Low Level Light Hair Care devices are also available for purchase.
  • Thinning Hair Solutions options:Many telemarketing companies and TV advertisements sell 99%+ hair transplants or hair systems, hairpieces and wigs, which conceal thinning hair but do not treat it. Our highly-trained experts offer clinically-proven products, including natural DHT opposing and topical stimulators for hair rejuvenation.
  • Laser products: Our professional Low Level Light Hair Care Devices are designed with many low level light diodes, encouraging better results – faster than others. At home OTC Cleared laser combs and laser caps, laser helmets, and  other home devices are also available for purchase. 
  • Client service: Unmatched Customer Service: You should not expect scripted telemarketers to properly address your significant hair concerns, at HLCC®, our professionals and certified thinning hair consultants are able to answer your questions and offer advice based on your specific hair care concerns and needs. Male and female Services: In some cases, men with significant concerns with their hair, may need to be handled differently than with significant concerns in women.  HLCC® understands the subtle differences that allow us to better help men and women with their specific hair care concerns individually and most effectively.
  • Male and Female Anti-Aging Hair Care:In some cases, thinning hair in men may need to be handled differently than thinning hair in women. HLCC® understands the subtle differences that allow us to better help men and women with thinning hair most effectively.

The most innovative Industry Experts

HLCC® works with the most innovative Industry Experts (physicians), researchers, business partners and entrepreneurs, using the feedback of our worldwide affiliates to guide in the development of HLCC®’s ANti-Aging and Hair Care products, programs and devices.

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